Think Like a Child

My son turned two this past November. It’s not “terrible” as they say, but it can definitely be challenging at times. (I recently read an article that described it as “two-berty”…)

Every night as we’re getting him ready for bed, he insists on turning his nightlight on and off. Last night, for whatever reason, he wanted it off. He didn’t want to sleep with his light on. But that’s not the interesting part.

Rather than say, “Turn the light off,” he said, “Turn the dark on.” 😉

I chuckled. Sure, to him, turning the light off was indeed, turning the dark on.

It got me thinking about how differently kids approach the world since they haven’t yet learned how they’re “supposed” to approach things. Their developing brains observe their environment and they plainly state their observations in the most sophisticated language they can muster.

Many times, this approach is 180 degrees from how an adult may approach the same thing. Same thought, different angle.

When was the last time you approached something 180 degrees different than your peers? When was the last time you turned a negative into a postive? Turned an unintended bug into a feature?

When was the last time you thought like a child?

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